Author Katie Pogachnik

21 Sep

Benefits to Storing Your Boat at a Marina

One of the top priorities after purchasing a boat is finding a storage solution that best fits your lifestyle (and budget) and there are several different options to consider. Many boaters who have enough garage or driveway space often elect to store their boat at home while others enjoy the convenience of having their boat […]

1 Sep

How to Make the Most Out of Your Fishing Trip in Steinhatchee

Fishing is an activity that has been loved by many people for years and years. One of the many highlights of fishing, is the opportunity to spend time outdoors close to nature and a variety of wildlife. It can also be a fun activity to share with family and friends for the ultimate bonding experience. […]

15 Aug

Top 5 Boater Safety Tips

Each year as the weather starts to warm up, many head to the water to enjoy a day of fishing, swimming, waterskiing, or kayaking, and if you live in Florida, warm weather tends to stick around longer offering the option to enjoy boating year-round. Unfortunately, a lot of times, boater safety tends to take a […]

2 Aug

Upcoming Fishing Seasons in Steinhatchee Florida

In Steinhatchee, the weather is beautiful, nature is beautiful, wildlife is abundant, and the gracious charm of Old Florida is everywhere you look. Whether you’re riding a bike or paddling a kayak, there’s plenty to love, and Steinhatchee Marina is all about helping you enjoy it. The most popular leisure activity in Steinhatchee, however, is […]