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6 Dec

December Best Bets… A note from Captain Mike Farmer

The fall weather and fishing hasn’t brought any real surprises this year.  We have had mild but cool temperatures pretty much right on schedule as things should be. In November the White Pelicans have shown up and they are a magnificent sight to see. Another Winter time favorite fowl of mine is the Loon which […]

18 Nov

There’s More to Steinhatchee than Fishing

More to Explore in Steinhatchee Than Fishing In Steinhatchee, FL, there is much more to do than just fishing. Steinhatchee is home to some of the most beautiful natural areas of wildlife in Florida. Steinhatchee is on the Gulf of Mexico, in an area known as Florida’s Big Bend coast. It is a small fishing […]

3 Oct

Freshwater Fishing vs. Saltwater Fishing: What You Should Know

What You Should Know About These Two Great Ways to Fish Anglers commonly debate whether fishing is better in saltwater or freshwater. In reality, both environments have advantages and disadvantages, and if you’re an experienced angler, you know you should fish in both. you will experience different fishing environments and different fish species, and you […]

2 Oct

4 Things to Know Before Visiting Steinhatchee

Get the Most Out of Your Next Fishing Trip If you’re planning your first trip to Florida for Steinhatchee fishing in Steinhatchee, FL, you have many treats in store. Steinhatchee is a beautiful, scenic town in Northern Florida known for its tranquil waters, diverse wildlife, and amazing fishing opportunities. The town and surrounding areas offer […]

16 Sep

Top 3 Reasons Fall Fishing is Best in Steinhatchee

Take Advantage of the Best Time of Year for Fishing Between late September and late December, Florida’s Big Bend becomes one of the most rewarding fishing zones in all of Florida. The tourists are gone, and amazing weather plus smaller crowds creates an ideal fishing environment. If you’re a committed angler who has never experienced […]

13 Jan

Why You Should Visit Steinhatchee: Hidden Charm of Old Florida