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Benefits to Storing Your Boat at a Marina

Boats in storage with the caption, Benefits to storing your boat at a marina.One of the top priorities after purchasing a boat is finding a storage solution that best fits your lifestyle (and budget) and there are several different options to consider. Many boaters who have enough garage or driveway space often elect to store their boat at home while others enjoy the convenience of having their boat stored at a marina or boat slip. Whether you plan to spend every day on your boat, or go for an occasional ride during the week, it’s essential to ensure your boat is protected when it’s not in use. In this blog, we will explore some of the many benefits to storing your boat at a marina.

Wet Slip vs. Dry Slip

When you decide to store your boat at your local marina, most of the time you will have the choice between wet or dry storage, and this decision mainly depends on your boating habits, the local weather, and frequency of use. Dry stack storage allows your boat to be stored on a rack inside the marina, allowing for utmost protection against rust, corrosion, and the open elements outdoors. Dry storage is also typically gated and under surveillance, which means your boat can also be protected from theft or vandalism.

Wet storage simply means your boat is stored at a boat slip in the water at the marina, allowing for quick and easy access whenever you feel like going for a ride. However, when choosing wet storage, make sure you take some precautions to protect your boat by applying a protective coating to the hull and cleaning it every few months to remove buildup and barnacles.

Convenience and Service

Let’s face it, all of us have very busy schedules and can all use a little more convenience in our lives, especially boaters who are always eager to get out on the water as much as possible! When storing your boat at a marina, you don’t have to worry about hooking up your trailer and driving out to the water, since it’s already there waiting for you. Many marinas specialize in providing boating services to make sure boat owners have everything they need to enjoy a day out on the water and provide easy access to facilities and important resources. At most marinas you should be able to enjoy a nice shower after a long day, fuel up, clean, stock up on snacks, and much more. You should also be able to have access to marine supplies and tools that can come in handy for small repairs and maintenance.


Outside of providing the basic need of storage, another big advantage to storing your boat at a marina is security. Your boat is an expensive investment and it’s natural to want peace of mind when your boat is not being used. Most marinas will offer a basic level of security such as video surveillance or gated entry, or in other cases, live attendants during certain hours. Having your boat docked in a public place as opposed to your backyard or driveway can also help keep your boat from being vandalized or stolen.

As you can see, there are many benefits to storing your boat at a marina, and our crew at Steinhatchee Marina is always available to answer any questions you might have throughout your decision making process. If you are local to the area, our marina offers both dry and wet boat storage options, or a variety of boat and kayak rentals if you are looking for a fun weekend getaway. Stop by or give us a call today!