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Steinhatchee Marina Carries a Wide Selection of Fishing Supplies.

Steinhatchee Marina carries all the supplies in our fishing store in Steinhatchee, FL. You can find our retail space on the second story of our property when you come by for a visit. We have a large saltwater fish tank your kids will love to hang out with while you and your family shop around for our most incredible finds. We also have a wide selection of items if you need fishing supplies or snacks for the day on the water. If you have trouble looking for something in our store, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Visit us today for your next outdoor venture.

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What Fishing Gear Do We Carry?

Are you gearing up for a big fishing day with family or friends? We have all the fishing supplies you need in our retail store. If it’s easiest for you to load your items in right before taking the boat out or you forget the essentials, our shelves are full of gear, so you’re ready to go. We carry all of the following to meet your fishing needs best:

  • Live bait
  • Fishing rods and reels
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing Tackle Box
  • Weights
  • Fillet knives
  • Coolers

Sport Our Apparel & Gifts

If you forgot to pack your sunscreen or need a shirt that will protect you from UV rays and act as a souvenir, we’ve got you covered. Our apparel selection holds various latest brands and styles to fit your desires and needs. As one of the most popular locations in the Steinhatchee area, we see many visitors and travelers daily. For yourself or your family back home, we want you to have something to remember us by from our gift section. You can expect to find any of the following in our store:

  • Children’s toys and stuffed animals
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and more
  • Tote bags
  • Shoes, flip-flops, and sandals
  • Apparel in many brands, styles, and colors

What Do We Offer in Our Grocery Section?

Do you need to load up your cooler before taking off for the day in your boat? We have plenty of snacks and drinks so that you can be prepared! Our full-service retail store is stocked daily with your favorite goods so you don’t go hungry or thirsty while out in the hot sun. Here are the following grocery items you can find in our retail store:

  • Snacks for your boating or fishing day
  • Beer and wine
  • Refreshing drinks like water, sodas, sports beverages, and more
  • Ice for your lunchbox or cooler

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Visit Our Fishing Store Today for Your Needs!

Our Steinhatchee Marina fishing gear store has some of the latest and greatest items you need for your next boating day. Whether it’s clothing, food, drinks, or fishing supplies, we carry it all as your one-stop shop! While browsing around, you’ll be able to enjoy an overlook of the river behind our building on the second story. If you want to rent a boat or kayak for the day, ask us how you can have the best experience with our offerings and services. We aim to help you make the finest memories with your family and friends in hopes that you’ll visit us in the future. Contact us today or stop in our store for your needs.