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How to Decide Which Boat Storage is the Best Option

Fall is upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you want to store your boat for the upcoming cooler months. Even in Florida’s sunny climate, there may still be times when you’re not using your boat and need it stored properly to protect it from the elements. Securing proper boat storage is vital and there are several key factors to consider before deciding how to store your boat including preference, cost, location, size of boat and how often you plan to use your vessel. Keep reading for a guide on boat storage to help decide which is the best option for you. 

Marina Slips 

There are typically a couple options for storage when choosing a marina to store your boat. When you choose Steinhatchee Marina, you get the option of choosing a wet slip or a dry stack.  

Boats in dry boat storage

Wet Slips 

Wet slip storage is the most convenient type of boat storage since it allows easy accessibility. You s

imply walk up to the dock, board the boat, and you are on your way. This type of storage would be used if you’re a frequent boater who takes their boat out a couple of times a month. However, you must reserve a slip to be able to dock your boat. This is one of the least expensive options since your boat just sits in the water but has the disadvantage of not being protected from sunlight, barnacles and other environmental factors. 

Dry Stack  

With dry stack storage, boats are stored out of the water in a warehouse-like building. Cranes and other lifts are used to move the boats between the water and the boat storage facility. One of the many advantages of choosing a dry stack storage unit is that the bottom of your boat ends up much cleaner than it would if stored in the water, resulting in less maintenance. With us, our newly constructed dry storage facility provides protection from the elements on three sides, with the open sides facing either north or south to minimize sun exposure.  

To learn more about our wet/dry slip options and our monthly/daily rates, check out our website 


A simple and cost-effective form of boat storage for smaller sized boats is to self-store or keep at home. Owners often choose to store their boats in their garages, sheds or facilities that offer covered spaces that aren’t necessarily used for boat storage. Self-storing your vessel at home or at a facility gives you the advantage of having 24-hour access to do any repairs or maintenance needs. However, the biggest inconvenience is having to trailer your boat everywhere.  


These storage facilities are quite large and allow your boat to be stored out of the water. These facilities usually are fenced in and offer security surveillance. They do not offer any indoor storage; thus, your boat is exposed to outdoor weather conditions. However, a benefit of storing your boat in a boatyard is that you can find a boatyard that is closer to the water than your home might be, therefore limiting the distance you would have to travel while hauling your trailerEven though it’s only a couple of yards, it can save you tons of gas and money.  

Boat storage from Steinhatchee Marina provides tremendous benefits, giving boat owners a convenient way to store, access, and protect their boat. When a boat is stored with us, you don’t have to worry about the process of trailering a boat, launching it, getting it back out, and finding a space large enough at your home to park it. Additionally, boat storage can be an excellent way to help control the factors that can damage your boat, from harsh sunlight and/or barnacles. We provide both dry storage and wet slips to ensure our customers have the boat storage they need. Contact us today to learn more about our boat storage options and to start planning for your next adventure!