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Top 3 Reasons Fall Fishing is Best in Steinhatchee

A limit of Red Snapper, Grouper, and other fish on a peg board in Steinhatchee, FL

Take Advantage of the Best Time of Year for Fishing

Between late September and late December, Florida’s Big Bend becomes one of the most rewarding fishing zones in all of Florida. The tourists are gone, and amazing weather plus smaller crowds creates an ideal fishing environment. If you’re a committed angler who has never experienced fall Steinhatchee fishing weather, you’re in for a treat. Get your boat from storage or call our boat rental office, make a reservation at the marina bar and restaurant, and look at why a fall fishing trip in Steinhatchee, FL is the perfect getaway.


Perfect Steinhatchee Fishing Weather

You probably already know that Florida is the premiere destination for summer anglers looking for warm temperatures and sunny days. Florida has a lot to offer anglers in the fall, as well. The air is cooler, and the weather and water temperature significantly impact the availability of fish in the area. Cooler water means that fish that stayed away in the hot summer months are now returning, waiting in the shallow grass flats for someone to catch them. Many anglers consider fall fishing in Steinhatchee to be trophy time for confident, experienced anglers.


Short Turnover Period

Turnover only occurs during a very short period, as the water temperature decreases into the low 60s and upper 50s. The top of the water column gets cooler and denser until it sinks and mixes with water at lower temperatures. The water is full of nutrients but devoid of oxygen, which temporarily causes fish to become stressed out and move to another area. The entire period only lasts one or two weeks, but during that time, you can find the displaced fish in large, shallow areas unaffected by turnover temperatures. Freshwater areas are also more stable and are not impacted by turnover. Charter a boat or explore boat rental options to get the most out of Steinhatchee fishing.


Changing Habitats

Larger groups of fish tend to stay together in obvious locations when the weather gets cooler. You’ll find huge fish habitats in the sunken islands, deep edges of vegetation, and underwater points surrounding Florida’s Big Bend. Checking around rock piles also brings you in contact with mixes of different types of fish: Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskies. Changes in vegetation also cause fish to reposition themselves in groups. When certain vegetation dies off and thins out, forage fish have nowhere to hide. They are easier for larger fish to find, triggering the fall feed. The remaining vegetation becomes the habitat for largemouths, making them easier to find. Get your boat out of boat storage or check out local boat rental options to reach further areas of vegetation.


Tasty Catches

If you’re angling for fish to eat, you’ll find some of the most delicious species in fall fishing weather. Our local restaurants, like the Steinhatchee Marina Bar and Restaurant at Deadman Bay, are happy to cook what you caught or give you some tips on cooking it. Just call ahead to let them know you’re bringing your fish in. Once you’ve eaten everything you caught, you can stop by the Steinhatchee Fish Company on your way out of town and pick up some fresh fish to take home.


Visit Steinhatchee Marina for the Best Fall Fishing

If you’re ready to book your next fishing adventure through the Steinhatchee River Club, call us today or contact us online. The perfect Steinhatchee fishing weather, less competition on the water, and an amazing variety of delicious, fresh fish make it the perfect choice for fall fishing. At The Steinhatchee Marina at Deadman Bay, we offer onsite boat rental open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., safe and secure dry boat storage, and deep water wet slips for boat storage. And if you need more fresh fish to take home to friends and family, check out the day’s catch at the Steinhatchee Fish Company.