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Valentine’s Day Fishing: How to Plan the Perfect Date

Instead of planning the usual dinner and a movie for Valentine’s Day, why not plan a romantic fishing date with your loved one? Even if your partner may not be as into fishing as you are, there are still so many ways you can make it special for the both of you. 

Think About Your Wording 

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While you may be excited about your Valentine’s fishing date, your significant other could be less than excited. Before approaching the conversation as a fishing trip, try romanticizing it. Avoid words such as live bait, harvesting and before sunrise. Instead paint them a picture of the quality time you two can spend in nature together and mention having a nice picnic on the water. Think about their wants above your own, and soon you’ll both be enjoying fishing adventures together! 

Plan the Best Meals 

Your choice of food and beverage will look quite different for this date than your average fishing adventure. Maybe it’s a nice bottle of wine instead of a six pack of beer, or chocolate covered strawberries instead of a bag of trail mix. Make this date intentional and put some thought into your picnic on the water. Pack your bags with snacks your significant other will love, and don’t forget the wine opener and napkins! 

Pack the Extras 

Your Valentine will love to know that you went the extra mile to make this date extra special. When you’re packing for your romantic fishing date, include battery-operated candles, a speaker, a blanket, flowers and other special extras that are sure to transform your fishing adventure into a cozy, romantic day and evening. Don’t forget to snap a picture as memorabilia!  

Find the Perfect Spot 

Ideally, you’d want quiet, calm and serene scenery for your Valentine’s fishing date and there’s no better place than Steinhatchee Marina. Known as the hidden gem of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Steinhatchee holds all those characteristics and more! The list of things to do here is endless. From renting a pontoon boat and seeing the scenic coastline to sightseeing down our designated padding trail in our transparent kayaks, we are the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Reserve your spot with us today for a Valentine’s Day that will be remembered for years to come! 

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