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Why Having Outdoor Hobbies Supports a Healthier Lifestyle

Couple hiking through the woods

In our busy, modern lives, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines and put our health to the side. While most people believe healthier lifestyles require torturous gym sessions or strict diets, outdoor hobbies can be just as effective and support overall wellbeing. There are numerous outdoor activities that will help you experience the health benefits of simply just being outdoors.

Let’s look at a few ways outdoor activities contribute to healthier lifestyles.  

Physical Activity
As humans, we want to avoid anything we associate with a negative experience. If we shift the way we look at physical activity to simply just moving our bodies, we can achieve the same benefits for our minds and bodies without it being considered “exercise.” Doing things outside, like running, biking, hiking or simply walking around, offers a natural and enjoyable way to stay physically active and improve cardiovascular health. 

Organic Mental Restoration

Being outside and exposed to sunlight is a natural mood and mental health booster. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and provides a welcome break from the demands of an overstimulating life, allowing you to recharge and gain a fresh perspective. Hearing the waves crash against the shore or experiencing the aromatic perfumes of flowers can hold your attention without leaving you mentally drained and improve your mood.  

Improved Sleep 

Daily exposure to sunlight is not only a mood booster but can also improve your sleep. But how? Exposing yourself to sunlight can help by: 

  • Shortening the time it takes to fall asleep 
  • Getting better quality sleep 
  • Signalizing when it’s time to wake up.  

The wonderful thing about sunlight? It doesn’t cost a thing!  

Social Engagement  

Outdoor activities provide opportunities for social interaction. At Steinhatchee Marina, we have a few activities that promise an experience you will never forget. Whether you’re partaking in our translucent kayaks for a sunset cruise with your partner, scalloping with family or taking a charter fishing boat out with your closest mates, these social activities reduce feelings of isolation and foster a sense of community that improve overall wellbeing.  

 It’s easy to forget that the outdoor world really does exist sometimes, but there’s no need for complicated routines – just step outside. Outdoor hobbies bring happiness, exercise and all-around good vibes. Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the outdoors and make it a simpler way to be a happier and healthier you.  

If you’re interested in visiting Steinhatchee Marina to start your new, healthy outdoor lifestyle, contact us today. We would love to be a part of your journey.