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Why You Should Visit Steinhatchee: Hidden Charm of Old Florida

Several crabs at the shoreline in the mudWould you like a vacation in a small town surrounded by family-owned shops, outdoor activities and remarkable sunsets? It sounds like a visit to Old Florida may be just for you! While some spots like Cedar Key, Fernandina Beach and Micanopy are prominently known to uphold that Old Florida charm, Steinhatchee shouldn’t be left off the list! Located in Florida’s Big Bend region, this gorgeous fishing village is often known as “The Best Kept Secret in Florida” because of its picturesque town, gorgeous natural views and incredible fishing.

Old Florida

What is Old Florida exactly? Mostly found in the northern parts of the state, Old Florida typically consists of small, quiet towns that focus on enjoying the outdoors. “It’s the part that thrived a century ago during the first waves of development and travel but has been bypassed by most tourists in recent decades for Orlando and points south. It’s also where the Deep South of the USA intermingles with the tropics. Here, oaks draped with Spanish moss stand guard over saw palmetto and vivid flowers,” according to CNN.

In these small towns, visitors can enjoy a laid back pace as they take in the natural scenery and venture on outdoor activities. It’s a perfect getaway for those who would rather take a few days to relax and recharge instead of going with the hustle-and-bustle that other vacations may bring. If this is what you’d like to experience, Steinhatchee could be the perfect match for you. “With its unique blend of southern charm and old-salt character, it is no wonder that folks travel hundreds of miles to get a glimpse of what … The Wall Street Journal called the ‘backroad to paradise,’” according to Mike’s Road Trip.

Picturesque Town

Walk along any path in Steinhatchee and you’ll see why just about everyone falls in love with this quaint town. With numerous Victorian waterfront homes right along the shore, visitors can enjoy footpaths and gardens that “is the kind of Old Florida town novelists and filmmakers seek, and locals want to keep to themselves,” according to Visit Florida.

You’ll also notice that the town feels like it’s been preserved in the past. It’s been known to “combine the ambience of the 19th century with the conveniences of the 21st century,” according to Visit Florida. We can’t wait for your visit so you can see its beauty for yourself.

Natural Views and Scenery

When visiting Steinhatchee, it’s just about impossible to ignore its incredible scenery and natural views. This small town is a relaxing oasis that offers some of the most beautiful views in the state and is perfect for any vacationer looking for a peaceful time away. With not a high rise anywhere near the coast, it’s one of the few places that can actually be called untouched Florida. It is also home to the most pristine saltwater flats in the area.

When you’re not out on the water, other natural scenery you can enjoy include the mossy oaks and country roads. So, whether you take a walk underneath the mossy oaks or rent a boat to see the untouched coast, you won’t regret choosing to vacation in this charming Old Florida spot.


Although Steinhatchee is home to many incredible outdoor activities like biking and birding, fishing is without a doubt Steinhatchee’s best outdoor activity, and it’s also its main industry. With the Steinhatchee River close by, “its lush tidal creeks and marshlands, and its mouth, Deadman’s Bay, are a fisherman’s mecca and a kayaker’s paradise,” according to Visit Florida.

If you’re searching for blue or stone crab, trout or redfish, the Gulf of Mexico is full of amazing choices to bring home. But, if you’re looking for a real treat in Steinhatchee, it’s scalloping.

Since it’s located on the banks of freshwater rivers that flow into the ocean, it creates a perfect blend of salt and freshwater that help scallops thrive. Before you travel, check on the scallop season schedule. Florida’s scallop harvesting season is relatively short, but it can last from June through Labor Day in Steinhatchee.

A day out on the water in both the river and the Gulf can be a wonderful experience with family and friends, especially if you can bring in a great catch.

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