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Why You Should Visit Steinhatchee

Boats sitting in wet slipsPicture a coastal community, sleepy and tranquil, where the river flows into the bay, Spanish moss hangs from ancient cypress trees and egrets wade in the wetlands. Miles of tranquil country roads and bike trails invite you to explore, and when you head into town, you pass Victorian waterfront homes with beautiful gardens, on your way to a town that’s more of a fishing village, with family-owned businesses and gorgeous natural scenes everywhere you turn. This is Steinhatchee, “The Best Kept Secret in Florida,” a hidden Gulf Coast gem in Florida’s Big Bend region. Intrigued yet? Steinhatchee Marina wants to introduce you to the wonders of Steinhatchee.

Steinhatchee Marina’s Insider View

What qualifies us to be your tour guide to this exquisite hidden gem? We’re locals, knowledgeable about this region, and passionate about helping people enjoy the natural beauty and Old Florida charm of Steinhatchee. We want to give you a place to take it all in, whether you’re interested in fishing or scalloping, want an outdoor adventure of kayaking or enjoying other water spots, or just want to watch some manatees. At our boat storage facility, we offer dry slip and wet slip boat storage, rental boats and kayaks, and charter vessels with experienced captains who will be happy to show you around Deadman’s Bay, taking you to some of the best fishing and scalloping sites on the Gulf Coast. At the end of a long day spent exploring Steinhatchee, spend the evening at the Marina Bar and Restaurant, where you’ll find a wine menu featuring regional wineries, along with the largest selection of craft beers in Steinhatchee.

Hidden Charm of Old Florida

What do we mean by Old Florida charm? Old Florida refers to a way of life that thrived 100 years ago before tourism made Central and South Florida the most popular destinations in the state. Primarily located in the northern parts of our state, Old Florida towns are small, quiet places that embrace a lifestyle focused on enjoying the outdoors. Visiting an Old Florida town, you can relax and enjoy a leisurely pace, where Deep South manners meet tropical splendour, with a dash of old-salt character,  and outdoor activities abound.

Picturesque Town

Take a walk around Steinhatchee, and you are likely to fall in love with this picturesque town. According to Visit Florida, Steinhatchee “is the kind of Old Florida town novelists and filmmakers seek, and locals want to keep to themselves.” Enjoying the 19th-century ambiance of Victorian waterfront homes, numerous footpaths, and delightful gardens, you’ll have to concede the point. You won’t lack 21st-century conveniences in Steinhatchee, but you’ll love every minute you spend in this town that feels like a little bit of Florida’s history, perfectly preserved.

Natural Views and Scenery

Beautiful though the town may be, it’s the natural views and scenery that will stay with you. The sunsets will take your breath away, and there’s not a high rise anywhere near the coast. It’s the perfect oasis from which to enjoy a truly untouched part of Florida, with bountiful wildlife and the most pristine saltwater flats in the area. Walk along a country road, enjoying the shade of mossy oaks, or rent a boat to explore the untamed coast, and you will see a side of Florida that you will remember with fondness for the rest of your life.

Things to do at Steinhatchee Marina

You could stay in Steinhatchee for a month and never tire of all the things to do at the marina.

  • Fishing: Steinhatchee is a great place for biking and birding, but fishing is the favorite outdoor activity around here, and with good reason! Visit Florida refers to this area as an “Angler’s mecca” and the fishing is indeed amazing. The Steinhatchee River, Deadman’s Bay, and the various tidal creeks and marshlands make this the perfect place to try your hand at fishing.
  • Kayaking: This region is perfect for exploring in a kayak, and we offer three different styles and sizes of rental kayaks. Some of our kayaks are completely transparent so that you can catch a glimpse of the underwater world below you as you paddle.
  • Scalloping: We don’t like to brag, but scalloping in Steinhatchee is sort of a big deal. Because Steinhatchee is located on the banks of a freshwater river, close to where it flows into the ocean, it’s the perfect blend of salt and freshwater to create the right environment for scallops to thrive. The scallop harvesting season runs from June until Labor Day, and you can scallop from boats, in the grass flats, and off the beaches.
  • Boat Charter Guides: We work with local Steinhatchee captains who know all the best fishing and scalloping spots, and will be happy to show you around Deadman’s Bay.
  • Boat storage: With both dry stack and wet slip boat storage, we have the right option for you, whether you want to access your vessel frequently or you plan to store it for an extended period.
  • Boat Rental: We want to make it easy for our guests to get out and enjoy themselves, so if you don’t have your boat, you are welcome to come and rent one from us.
  • Marina Bar and Restaurant: What better place to unwind after a long day in the Florida sun? In addition to our extensive beer and wine selection, we offer daily drink specials, live music, and popular sports programming on large-screen TVs.

Relax at the  Steinhatchee River Club

Across the river, you will find our sister property, Steinhatchee River Club. This location provides cabin rentals, cozy RV sites, and a private boat ramp and wet slips. When the weather in Steinhatchee, Florida is pristine, there’s no better place to get outside and play, and Steinhatchee River Club, alongside Steinhatchee Marina facilitates this, with on-site boat rentals and glass bottom kayaks. Perfect for nature and fishing lovers, our locations provides access to premiere fishing spots and some of the most beautiful natural views in the state.

Contact Our Team to Learn More

When you are ready to discover the charm of Steinhatchee, Florida, Steinhatchee Marina is here to provide you with a relaxing oasis, away from the hectic modern world. You don’t need to have a boat to enjoy all that we have to offer, from marvelling at the exquisite beauty of nature to dancing to live music with a craft beer in your hand. We provide a full range of marina services, including boat storage, rentals, and Steinhatchee fishing charters. Whether you’re interested in fishing, scalloping, kayaking, or manatee watching, we want you to enjoy all that the Big Bend area has to offer. Our experienced and courteous staff is deeply knowledgeable about our local region, and we provide our guests with world-class customer care. For more information about all, we have to offer, call 352-578-1900 or contact us through our website. We look forward to introducing you to the best-kept secret of Florida’s Gulf Coast!